Percussion Plus (Special Podcast)

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New Sounds takes a beating with music from Mantra Percussion, a superhuman group committed to pounding out new works and expanding the percussion repertoire.  Listen to “Science is Only a Sometime Friend,” a ringing chiming work for percussion and organ by Aaron Siegel.  Then listen to something new from percussionist/composer David Van Tieghem who has worked with Steve Reich, Laurie Anderson, Brian Eno, Talking Heads, and the Love of Lilfe Orchestra, to name a few.  His latest venture was based on recorded improvisations on a series of objects, which he then distributed to ten musicians.  They, in turn, manipulated the recordings and returned them to Van Tieghem, who then finished them into compositions.  Have a look-see, below.

Also, hear music from Steve Schick, the remarkable San Diego-based percussionist playing music by John Luther Adams from a New Sounds Live concert. Plus, a sneak peak at a new work from drummer/composer David T. Little written for and commissioned by Third Coast Percussion, which looks to a tragic 1981 massacre at El Mozote, El Salvador.  And more.

PROGRAM #3557– Percussion Plus  (First aired on 1/24/2014)  





Steven Schick

New Sounds Live, 2004

John Luther Adams: The Mathematics of Resonant Bodies, Shimmer [9:04]

This recording not commercially available.  However, Cantaloupe Music released the work in 2006:

Mantra Percussion

Science is Only a Sometime Friend

Aaron Siegel: Science is Only a Sometime Friend, excerpt [8:23]

Third Coast Percussion

Haunt of Last Nightfall

David T. Little -

New Amsterdam Records
Due out Feb. 28, 2014.

Steven Schick & Maya Beiser, cello

Caught by the Sky with Wire

Nick Didkovsky: Caught by the Sky with Wire, excerpt  [3:21]

OO Discs #0067
Out of print.  But try or auction sites.

Robin Schulkowsky, Frederic Rzewski, piano

Christian Wolff: 8 Duos

Christian Wolff - For Morty [6:12]

New World Records 80734

New Music Consort


John Cage and Lou Harrison: Double Music [6:37]

New World Records - #80405

David Van Tieghem x Ten

Fits & Starts (FRKWYS Vol. 10)

Slippery Slope, excerpt [4:22]

Rvng Intl  FRKWYS10 or download from



thank you mister z [6:12]