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Patrick Foye to Testify on GWB Lane Closures

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The executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is expected to tell what he knows about the unannounced closing of George Washington Bridge access lanes that caused traffic gridlock in September, and whether the disruption was politically-motivated.

Patrick Foye was subpoenaed to appear before the Assembly Transportation Committee Monday.

When Foye was asked to voluntarily testify on the lane closures... he didn't.

John Wisniewski, the chairman of the New Jersey Assembly transportation committee, says this happened all too often with the bi-state agency.

"The Port Authority has an unfortunate habit of not providing answers to questions," Wisniewski said. "They don't even provide a response claiming privilege or that the documents are unavailable, they just don't answer."

The state recently gave the transportation committee the power to subpoena the Port Authority, an agency with a budget larger than the budgets of 21 U.S. states.

Foye is now legally required to testify.

On Friday, the second in command on the New Jersey side of the Port Authority, David Wildstein, resigned over the issue. Wildstein's last day is Dec. 31st.