"The Past Still Present Tense" for American Football

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American Football

In the late 90s, in Illinois, a band called American Football released its debut EP, simply called American Football. People liked it, and so they did a full LP, also called American Football. Then, in 1999, the band called it quits, with its members going on to form quite a number of other bands.

But a funny thing happened while they were, you know, living their lives and playing their music. That early record started growing in reputation and stature. And in 2014, American Football surprised everyone by announcing a reunion concert, which quickly turned into a series of sold out events. This past fall, American Football released its sophomore album, the creatively named American Football

It's the same youthfully optimistic, carefully-layered music which can evoke a melancholy nostalgia. Slowly developing guitar licks unfold precisely, supported by difficult-to-count rhythms on the low end, and crowned with Mike Kinsella's appealing melodies, charmingly crooned. Despite the fact that almost 17 years have passed, their music picks up right where they left off, and the band American Football plays some of these songs in the studio for us. 

This is "Born to Lose," live in the studio: