Parker Millsap: A Soulful, Whiskey-Tinged Voice

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Parker Millsap performs in the Soundcheck studio.

Considering he's still too young to drink legally, Parker Millsap's voice has a remarkable whiskey-tinged world-weariness of songwriters decades his senior. Yet the Oklahoma-bred musician seems to come to his soulful, yet gravelly croon honestly: he grew up in in a small town Pentecostal household and is part of that region's so-called Red Dirt music movement which blends classic folk, country and gospel traditions.

And with his self-titled new album, Millsap taps his background for vivid stories that touch upon religion, soul-searching, and wrestling with his self-confessed sins. And with spare adornment of acoustic guitars, fiddle, and pedal steel, Millsap lets his words breathe and linger and ultimately carry an extra weight. It's a raw and honest album from promising new voice.


Set List:

  • "Disappear"
  • "Truck Stop Gospel"
  • "Forgive Me"