Introducing New Music To Your Parents With Paul Ford; Sound Of Music Smackdown; Danny Brown

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Danny Brown performs in the Soundcheck studio.

In this episode: Some parents stubbornly cling to music of the past: the Eagles, Joni Mitchell, that George Winston album that gets dragged out over the holidays. Writer Paul Ford joins us with some simple ways to trick parents into liking, say, Sky Ferreira.

Then, as the world readies itself for the NBC "Sound of Music" live remake, we debate the merits of the original musical and film with NPR’s Linda Holmes and Sound of Music enthusiast Peter Kiesewalter.

And, the heralded young Detroit-based rapper Danny Brown talks about his hometown, explains why he likes to cuss so much when he’s not on the radio, and tells us what he’ll be having for Thanksgiving dinner (spoiler alert: chitlins with hot sauce). Plus, he performs live in our studio.