Over 40% of New York City Households Struggle to Make Ends Meet

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City Harvest volunteers rescuing fresh vegetables from the New York Produce Show to distribute to soup kitchens and food pantries in New York City.  December 4, 2012

On December 2, 2014, United Way of New York City published a new study called the 2014 Self-Sufficiency Standard Report, about what it truly means to be able to survive and support yourself living in this city. Released in coordination with City Harvest and the Women's Center for Education and Career Advancement, the report reveals that 42% of people are living below the self-sufficiency standard - that's 2 out of 5 households, or nearly 2.7 million people. Whereas the federal poverty threshold in 2014 for a two-person family was $15,730, this report finds that in New York City's least expensive neighborhood to live in, that same family would need to make $52,776 to live bare-bones and be self-sufficient. Merble Reagon, Executive Director, Women's Center for Education and Career Advancement, Nicole Gallant, Senior Vice President for Community Impact, United Way of New York City, and Jennifer McLean, Vice President, Community Impact, City Harvest, will join us to discuss the report.

The Monthly Self-Sufficiency Standard In New York City