Over 150 Years of Wars, in Photos : Slideshow

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ron Haviv
Arkan's Tigers, a Serbian paramilitary unit, with Bosnian Muslim civilian victims during the first battle for Bosnia in Bilijenia. 1992
Ron Haviv
Senad Medanovic, sole survivor of a massacre, finds his home in ruins after the Bosnian army recaptured his village from Serb forces. 1995
Walter Astrada
Congolese women fleeing to Goma, from the series, "Violence against women in Congo: Rape as weapon of war in DRC," 2008
Philip Jones Griffiths
Called “Little Tiger” for killing two “Vietcong women cadre”—his mother and teacher, it was rumored, Vietnam, 1968
Thomas Hoepker
A US Marine drill sergeant delivers a severe reprimand to a recruit, Parris Island, South Carolina, from the series, "US Marine Corps boot camp," 1970.
Rachel Papo
Military kiosk counter, Shaare Avraham, Israel, 2004.
Hugo Brehme
Portrait of Zapata, circa 1914


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