A Modern Spin on Shakespeare's 'Othello'

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L to R: JQ, Postell Pringle, GQ, Jackson Doran

GQ and JQ, the Q brothers, wrote, composed and star in “Othello: the Remix” at the Westside Theatre, along with Postell Pringle, who stars as Othello. The production is a spin on Shakespeare’s tragic tale that highlights the bard’s rhythm and rhyme. The show features five cast members: GQ (Iago/Brabantio), JQ (Roderigo/Loco Vito/Bianca), Jackson Doran (Cassio/Emilia), Postell Pringle (Othello) and DJ Supernova (DJ).

"Othello the Remix" is playing at the Westside Theatre (407 W. 43rd between 9th and 10th Avenues). For tickets and show information, visit the show's website