Oscars Weekend LISTening: Take Our Movie Music Challenge

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Say what you will about Jon Cusack in <em>Say Anything...</em>, but the man knew how to incorporate music into his romantic gesture.

When an earnest, hungry-hearted John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler stood outside his love's window in Say Anything... and raised a boombox over his head, he etched Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" into the memory of pop culture forever. And if you've watched Wayne's World, you can't hear Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" without picturing Mike Myers, Dana Carvey and their three backseat buddies crammed into that old AMC Pacer head-banging, air-drumming and shrieking at the top of their lungs.

The perfect song choice can make a film scene absolutely unforgettable, and the perfect movie moment can change the way you hear a song forever. We'll leave honoring Original Songs and Scores written specifically for movies to the Oscars. Instead, we're celebrating existing songs that took on a new life when they were chosen for movies — songs that made film scenes iconic.

We've assembled a playlist of tunes from some of the most magical musical moments in cinema. But here's the catch: We're not going to tell you here which movies they feature in. Your challenge? Gather up your friends to see how many of the films you can name based on the songs. No cheating, no Googling — just some good, old-fashioned, Oscar-friendly fun!

Find the complete list of movie answers here.

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