An Online White House Petition Actually Worked!?

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NPR reported yesterday on a deal between the FCC and cell phone companies that will continue to allow consumers to legally unlock their cellphones. Unlocking had been legal, then briefly illegal, and now it's ok again. 

But to me, the surprising part of the story was the second graf: 

The deal came in the wake of a consumer rebellion over the policy of locking cellphones to a carrier. A petition that garnered more than 114,000 signatures landed at the White House, and the Obama administration sided with the petitioners.

The Obama administration launched their online petition system in 2011 and promised that petitions that breached a certain threshold of signatures would get an official White House response. But besides those responses, I couldn't find another example where one of these petitions was actually cited as the reason for a policy change. I think this is a first. Can anybody think of another?