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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kenmare & Mulberry, NYC
Chinatown, NYC
Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago
Pee-Wee Merman. Big Adventures in LA: Culver City, CA
Buffalo Bill de Blasio. Chinatown, NYC (collaboration with Alex Pardee)
Chinatown, NYC
One Bada-Bing to Rule Them All. Gandalfini, NYC
Photo Credit: Rhiannon Platt
Mulberry & Grand, NYC

For NYC Comedy Fest and Vandalog.

The Walken Dead. Pico & Spaulding, Los Angeles
Ferrell Cats. NYC
Ludlow & Hester. NYC
Mile E. Coyote, Los Angeles
Tree Bark
Bad Artists Imitate. @Krause Gallery, NYC


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