One Indian Man Eats and Tells

Monday, April 07, 2014 - 07:30 AM

As a South Asian growing up in Texas, Arun Venugopal never thought twice about eating with his hands while at home but in public in front of his friends and strangers alike, it was a different story. Arun hits Wall Street to see if this taboo of his childhood is still relevant in NYC today.

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Filipinos eat using their hands too.

Jul. 18 2014 08:26 PM
Maribel from Queen

Love Micropolis. It is genuine like eating with your hands!

May. 14 2014 06:02 PM
Adam from NJ

Wonderful. Totally excited to try this.

Apr. 22 2014 10:06 AM
Baty from LA

Love the video. I absolutely agree, Indian food tastes so much better when eaten with hands. I'm not sure about other world cuisines. ( I do enjoy chopsticks for other Asian food, and a knife n fork for meat based diets). But Indian food- hands down tastes best eaten with hands.

Apr. 11 2014 07:56 AM
DKalal from NYC

Charming little vignette, but I wonder if its a Texas thing -- I grew up in New York and at Indian restaurants from 6th Street through Raga at its fancy height -- everyone hit the washroom or often the specially provided sink for a pre-meal rinse and ate with their hands without a moments pause -- as if to the manor and manner born ...

Apr. 09 2014 01:33 PM
Avijit Chakravarty from NJ, USA

Just think how many thousands of people might have put that spoon and fork in their mouth before you put in, which others are responsible to keep reasonably clean. Your fingers are your personal spoon and fork and you keep them clean.

Apr. 09 2014 09:32 AM
bhagyanath menon from Trichur, Kerala, India

Well, THAT is the way it should be!!!

Apr. 08 2014 02:20 AM
Susheela Nathan from Fl

Ha ha! It was really funny and enjoyable. I agree with your dad. Why don't we introduce this back-to-nature way of relishing your meals and popularize it, just like sari, nose ring and bindi? While at it, make lungi a male fashion statement as well....

Apr. 07 2014 10:51 PM

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