Cobble Hill Keeps (Part of) a Hospital

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After months of secrecy, the State University of New York unveiled how five developers hope to transform Long Island College Hospital in the coming years. The developers each bid to purchase the troubled hospital, commonly known as LICH, offering competing plans for the Cobble Hill property that became an election year lightning rod for Mayor Bill de Blasio.  

Community members have long rallied against transforming the LICH campus into a residential development, but all of the proposals under consideration combine residential units along with some kind of healthcare provider, often a floating emergency room or ambulatory care center. Most bidders propose that 25-30% of that housing should be affordable. None of the bidders laid out a plan that would allow the site to accept advanced life support ambulances, long a sticking point for some community activists. The full proposals are available on SUNY’s website.

The SUNY board will discuss the proposals when they meet on Friday. Next week, SUNY faces contempt of court charges before state Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes, for allegedly reducing medical services at LICH against his orders.

In this interview, Capital New York Healthcare Reporter Dan Goldberg talks about what the plans reveal about the future of this hotly-debated property.