The Olympic Games That Almost Weren't

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Before the Olympics, as we know them now, there were the grand athletic stadiums of Olympia, where the entire Greek world would come to compete. For a 1,000 years, in amphitheaters surrounded by statues of "The Gods," there would be blood sacrifices, huge feasts, and nude men sparring for olive wreaths of glory.

But then, the Roman Emperor Theodosius I banned the Olympic Games for their pagan practices, and the original Olympics disappeared for about 400 years.

With the international clamor about the upcoming 2016 Rio Olympics, David Goldblatt, renowned sports journalist and author of "The Games: A Global History of the Olympics," joins us to talk about how the Olympic Games made their comeback. He also explains how they and became the international, multi-billion dollar industry that's changing our politics, environment and world.