Obamacare and the Biometric Bracelet Experiment

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It’s Obamacare-time! 

On October 1, states launch their online exchanges where people can choose their health care plans. But Eric Molinsky discovered it's a last minute scramble at the tech companies trying get the sites up and running in time.  

Also, New Tech City Host Manoush Zomorodi talks to Cyrus Massoumi, founder and CEO of ZocDoc, who says Obamacare is a big opportunity (read, profits!) for tech companies that focus on health care.

And Stan Alcorn profiles Tasting Table, where employees wear UP by Jawbone bracelets that track their daily activity minute by minute. For the company, it's about wellness and community; in the future, however, other employers could use it to monitor employee activity – or time on the couch – and tie it to health care premiums.