Obamacare Between Two Ferns

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The Gabfest panelists have much to talk about this week: Obama's new foray into comedy, Wes Anderson's directorial style, the reworking of Sagan's Cosmos, the confusion over virtual currency, and more.

On the political spectrum of Gabfest, the panelists discuss the public fight going down between the CIA and Congress. Not many people seem to understand what the showdown is all about. In a nutshell, the topics being debated are waterboarding, spying and the power of the legislative branch. They’ll also recap the internet frenzy that erupted over President Obama’s appearance on the Funny Or Die internet comedy show “Between Two Ferns,” hosted by Zach Galifianakis.

On the cultural side, the panelists discuss Wes Anderson’s new movie The Grand Budapest Hotel and debate the moral stakes of his distinctly affectless directorial style. Then, they’ll explore how well the relaunch of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos is working. Now hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, the FOX TV spectacle is being hailed as an educational platform for science. And finally, in light of Newsweek’s cover story about bitcoin’s origins, the critics welcome Reuters financial blogger Felix Salmon to unpack the promises and pitfalls of the virtual currency.

You'll find links to some of the items mentioned in this episode on the Political Gabfest and Culture Gabfest show pages. You can also join the Gabfest discussion all week long at the Political Gabfest Facebook page and the Culture Gabfest Facebook page.