NYS Thruway Will Offer More Places to Pull Over and Text

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Gov. Cuomo with "Texting Zones" signage

Governor Andrew Cuomo, in a continuing effort to combat texting while driving, says the state Thruway will offer more places to pull over and answer text messages or make cell phone calls.

Cuomo says the Thruway will have 91 new designated texting locations at rest stops, park and ride spots, and parking areas, to make it easier for people to resist the temptation to text while driving. All will be marked by new signage.

“And the signs will say ‘it can wait',” Cuomo said, making the announcement at the New Baltimore rest stop on the Thruway just south of Albany.  “Because that’s the whole message. It can wait.”

At the same time, more signs are going up to inform motorists of new penalties for texting and driving, five points on their driver’s license and a $150 fine.