NYPD "All Out" for Summer

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The New York Police Department is responding to an increase in shootings by deploying about 1,000 more officers this summer to reassure New Yorkers that crime is under control.

Commissioner Bill Bratton wanted to set the record straight: the city is still as safe as it has been in modern times.

Bratton, flanked by fellow NYPD brass at a press conference Monday, said it's normal for shooting incidents to fluctuate from year to year. Responding to recent coverage about the nine percent increase so far this year, he dispelled reports that it meant that the crime was spiraling up.

“That somehow or another the city is in crisis that somehow or another that this is starting to get out of control — not at all," said Bratton.

Shootings numbers over the decades, on display at NYPD headquarters / Kathleen Horan

To keep the peace and to calm residents, about 300 veteran officers are being reassigned from desk and other duties to patrol precincts and housing developments, located mostly in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Additional manpower will come from the newly graduated class of rookies and officer overtime. If the 90-day initiative known as "Summer All Out" doesn't work, Bratton said he is open to formally asking Mayor Bill de Blasio to hire more officers, something the police unions and the City Council support.