Over 4,800 Drivers Caught Speeding in NYC -- In Two Days

Friday, May 23, 2014 - 03:12 PM

New York City's speed limit (b*cakes/flickr)

A two-day crackdown on speeding in New York City has resulted in nearly five thousand tickets for drivers.

The New York Police Department says they gave out 4,814 summonses, with the highest number issued in Brooklyn. Here are the NYPD's totals:

  • Brooklyn 1,249
  • Queens 1,219
  • Manhattan  1,175
  • The Bronx 782
  • Staten Island 389

The two-day initiative took place Tuesday and Wednesday. Fines range from $90 to $600 dollars and 3 to 11 penalty points on the driver's licenses.

The current default speed limit in New York City is 30 miles per hour, although a bill currently before Albany would lower it to 25. As part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's 'vision zero' approach to traffic safety, the city is implementing a number of 'arterial slow zones' across the city — places where the speed limit is lowered to 25 mph.


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Chang from NYC

Jess from B'klyn, where r cars moving at 30mph? On the road not on side walk. Streets r designed for sidewalk and road with intersections. Car should never be driven on sidewalk except emergency. But cars have right to be on road and move at 30mph (sufficiently slow from highway speed) free of any obstacle. And it's not just cars but human drivers in modern world since 20C using automobiles to get to work, business, school, doctors, shopping, delivery point and all other activities efficiently in huge American continent. There are no other alternatives to automobiles. Planes, Trains, Bikes, Walking alone can replace cars and trucks. Why is it so difficult to adopt to automobile culture coexisting with pedestrians and bikers? I wouldn't speak for all drivers. Certainly many problematic drivers on wheels, drunken distracted drowsy. But it needs constant enforcement and vigilance for problems. But pedestrians and bikers can coexist with vehicles only if they realize there are LAWS applying to them. It's not like they can walk everywhere and anywhere and anytime but it's ok and safe IF cars slow down more to 25 MPH. They have to also try to follow the rules if not obeying the law and respect other humans' right who pay too much and move with green light. Pedestrians should stay on sidewalk not stand on road not knowing how they are irritating to drivers and bikers (not cars and bikes) moving fast with green light. At least they should be made aware wrong behavior in mindset if not by tickets. If pedestrians don't respect others right, vicious cycle of disrespect and insensitivity follows.

It is simple as staying in sidewalk and crossing while cars are standing still but watching for turning cars. If crossing anywhere anytime as practiced in NYC, at least respect others RIGHT OF WAY and signal (important for quick n clear intention) to let them move in front and walk behind. Voila Vision Zero!

20mph is plenty? 30mph is national and international norm because it is sufficiently slow when cars can be driven over 60mph in highway. In NYC, 0mph with 30sec countdown signal (not installed all over yet not even in Queens Blvd, aka, death blvd) with default no turn on red (only in NYC) is plenty for safe crossing.

Slowing down speed is slowing down economy and it has financial consequence which also affects lives

Jun. 19 2014 05:40 PM

Should be even better when they put the psychotic 25 MPH limit in place. Why even try to drive in NYC, you're only asking for trouble.

Jun. 18 2014 10:50 AM
Jesse from Brookly

That's not even the best part of that sign (which is on Park Place in Clinton Hill, under the BQE). It's hooked up to a radar, and if you're going faster than 30, the pedestrian turns into a skeleton (!!) and the text screams "SLOW DOWN!"

May. 23 2014 03:28 PM

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