Which Decade Of NYC Music Are You Nostalgic For?; The Strypes, Live; Classical Musicians Like Sex And Drugs, Too!

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In this episode: This week on Soundcheck, we're talking about nostalgia and the past 100 years of New York music in collaboration with New York Magazine, which this week presents their annual "yesteryear" issue. Tonight, we kick things off with writers Lane Brown and Jody Rosen -- and hear about the decades in New York City music that a few of our WNYC colleagues are nostalgic for.

Then: Hear the impossibly young and talented Irish rock 'n' roll band The Strypes play live.

And: After the success of its initial star-studded pilot, Amazon recently announced that it’s giving its series Mozart in the Jungle a full season. The show, based on a racy memoir of the same name, promises to be a steamy and fairly unbelievable behind-the-scenes look at the world of classical music, says NPR Music’s Anastasia Tsioulcas.