N.Y.C. Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting.

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Council Chambers
Landmarks Preservation Commission
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Swenson of the L.P.C. (speaking?) announces public hearings of the LPC to design several proposed buildings as landmarks, among others:
Marble Collegiate Church, N.Y. Daily News Building, the Gotham Hotel, the Plaza Hotel, Grand Central Terminal, American-Israel Cultural Foundation.

--Apthorp Buildings - several praising notes and letters are received by the Commission, former resident Robert C. Weinberg speaks about its distinction not only in the style but also in the building of technical devices and mechanical equipment.

--East River Savings Bank
--Ball Player's House - Ado Teigen and Mr Jad Reisner , American Institute of Architects, praise the Ball Players House, even if its present state is dilapidated. Henry Reed, representative of the Municipal Arts Society, says it deserves preservation.

--Mr. Jad Reisner and Henry Reed speak about 22nd Precinct Police Headquarters. A letter by Police Deputy Commissioner Jacob S. Katz is read. Park Commissioner Thomas Hoving writes that he'll gladly accept the Headquarters as a landmark.

--NYC Department of Parks Administration Building: Mr Teigen says this is one of the few buildings in Central park that has received constant maintenance. It's a beautiful trim & proud brick building. Mr Henry Reed (representative of the Municipal Arts Society) would approve designation as a landmark.

--Arsenal and its landmark site: Motion adopted.

--Watchtower, Center of Mt. Morris Park: Mr Reisner says the watchtower is unique in its construction. Mr. Henry Reed's society recommends designation of the building as a landmark. Mr. Teigen speaks words of praise, too, it procures a beautiful view. Commissioner Thomas Hoving wrote words of recommendation about watchtower and arsenal.

--Bethel Gospel Pentecostal Assembly, originally Harlem... 36 W 123rd St., Manhattan: Mr Teigen says it's an outstanding piece of architecture. Mr. Reed says it's extremely handsome.

--Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Amsterdam ave., Manhattan: Mr Reisner speaks about this great institution of outstanding architecture, fine Gothic religious building. Mr Reed gives recommendations from his society. Robert Weinberg puts his name behind this too, as a astudent of planning history.

--Graham court of Harlem: Mr. Robert C. Weinberg praises the building. Mr. Reed speaks (as before).


--30th precinct Police station: Mr. Teigen, Architect, praises features. Jacob Katz, Deputy Commissioner of Polic, thinks 30th Precinct Police station is no more adapted for use by police.

--Water tower, High Bridge Park: Mrs. Herring of Planning Board from parks Department praises beauty of tower and view, says tower would be ideal as a restaurant or coffee house.. Mr Reed recommends it, says it shows a great engineering feat in its water system, rare in U.S. Mr Reisner recommends it for landmark designation. Parks Commissioner Hoving sent letter of recommendation. Motion adopted.

Designation of historic districts. Boro of Brooklyn.

[McDow?] of the L.P.C. speaks about landmarks laws on historic districts. The commission can only act if the owner proposes to do something.

Stanley Van Dam speaks on behalf of executive members of 57th district., says Cobble Hill is entitled to be preserved as historic district. Speaker is astonished at the "bulldozer attitude" of new York in other instances.

Mr, John H. Carney, attorney for the Roman Catholic doiocese of Brooklyn, is concerned about the powers of commission to interfere in community activities. Requests reconsideration of this district in reference to several R.C. buildings.

Senator [Ferro ?] would like to consider to exclude other buildings of similar nature as Roman Catholic Church's. Certainly this Cobble Hill area is adjacent to Brooklyn Heights, which has so many historical landmarks.

Senator [Ferro?] praises young couples who spend much money to restore buildings in Cobble Hill area.

Fabian Talamino, representing Long Island College Hospital and Brooklyn Benevolent Society, says: We don't take any position yet.

Mr. Donald Beckley [?] lives in Cobble Hill and is the president of the Cobble Hill Association, a civic institution to improve living. Gives history of Cobble Hill. Says people in Cobble Hill have made the most of these 19th century houses, preserving together with their neighbors, the exterior lines throughout the neighborhood.

Some designation of the area as landmark is much needed.

Mr. Robert Sawyers [?] says most houses in this area were designed as one-family houses.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 74488
Municipal archives id: T2027