NY Regulators Investigating Comcast-Time Warner Merger

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New York State's Public Service Commission is taking a look at the proposed merger of Comcast and Time Warner.

The four-month investigation will assess whether the deal is in the best interest of Time Warner's New York customers and New York State as a whole, according to a statement released Monday by Governor Cuomo. 

While the FCC will make the ultimate decision on whether the merger can go through, the inquiry gives state regulators a chance to press Comcast on a variety of issues.

"It's the bully pulpit. It's raising some concerns, making noise, being the squeaky wheel so they get some of the grease, because obviously Washington has the final say over this," said Jim Nail, a principal analyst at Forrester Research. 

The PSC is expected to examine how the merger would affect state efforts to expand broadband in under-served areas and schools.

The commission will also review consumer pricing, protections for low-income customers and competition in the telecom industry.