The NSA Intercepts French Phone Calls

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In LeMonde today, Glenn Greenwald has a new NSA powerpoint story, this time about the NSA intercepting 70 million French phone calls over a 30-day period.


France is angry. For the rest of us, it’s unclear how big a story this is exactly. It’s a story about the NSA spying internationally, not domestically. Allies aren’t supposed to spy on each other, but they do, and when they get caught doing it ambassadors make apologies, which is the part of the story we're entering now.


On Twitter, the ACLU’s Christopher Soghoian speculates that these were probably international calls, rather than domestic ones.

And reporter Joshua Foust points out that a leak like this doesn’t seem designed to prompt intel reform.

It'll be interesting to see what pattern further Snowden leaks follow. I wonder if we've learned most of what we're going to learn about domestic US spying, and if the rest of the material will be more similar to the Wikileaks cables: windows into the world of spying and diplomacy that have ramifications internationally but prompt less discussion in the US. 

Also! On this week's show we spoke to Jay Rosen about Glenn Greenwald's new media outfit. If you're interested in his post-Guardian plans, that interview's here: