NPR Retires The Planet Money iPhone App

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In 2012 we launched the Planet Money app, a standalone product aimed at bringing the many passionate Planet Money listeners a more intimate experience with our content. Today we're announcing that we are ending support for the app, while both new and old episodes will stop appearing in the app in October.

Since the app's launch, we've pivoted to focus on delivering a more robust experience around all of our programs and podcasts through NPR One. Part of that decision came from learning that many of you who love Planet Money also love our other podcasts. As a result, we realized by improving NPR One, we could help you enjoy all of our and third party podcasts in one place. In short, this means that you can access all Planet Money episodes - past, present, and future - alongside thousands of other podcasts.

In that spirit, we recently launched two exciting new features in NPR One to make podcast listening even better: push notifications and listen later. If you subscribe to Planet Money or other podcasts in NPR One, you can receive alerts in the form of push notifications as soon as news episode become available for listening. With listen later, you can mark those episode to queue up for you once you're ready to listen.

There are lots of other exciting new features coming to NPR One, and we want to make sure you're part of the adventure. Click here to download NPR One now and be brought straight to the list of Planet Money episodes.

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