NPR Oye: Meet Some of the Latinos Behind NPR

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NPR journalists are experts at telling other people's stories. But they also have some compelling ones of their own.

Here, some of NPR's Latino staff members share their family's stories of perseverance, sacrifice, and hard work to achieve the American Dream. They are defined by universal values of pride, hope, and an endless determination to help shape the new American landscape. And they are from across generations, departments, and experience at NPR.

With these stories, we're excited to launch the NPR Oye blog, the new platform for NPR's Latino Employee Resource Group. In Spanish, "oye" has a double meaning—to "listen," or to say, "hey!" At NPR, and for our audience, listening is intrinsic to what we do. But "oye" is also a way for us to say, "Hey, we celebrate and welcome you."

NPR just wrapped up its celebrations for Hispanic Heritage Month, but the stories shouldn't stop there. With NPR Oye, we look forward to continuing those celebrations and conversations throughout the year.

You can also follow along on the NPR Oye blog or on Twitter at @NPROye.

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