NPR News Nuggets: Mail Pals, Fright Knight & Sir Elton John

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Elton John offered free tickets for his concert to Canadian border guard after the guard helped the singer get through customs. The guard wasn't supposed to accept the tickets, but he did and was then suspended.
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Here's a quick roundup of some of the mini-moments you may have missed on this week's Morning Edition.

Ol' Buddy, Ol' Pal

Postal services are good for more than just delivering mail: It seems postal workers are also good for helping keep the lonely, elderly population company. At least that's the case in Finland. It wasn't supposed to be this way, but it is as the state-owned company is trying to supplement the declining mail business by offering walking buddies for the elderly. For around $73 customers can order an outdoor buddy who will talk with them and help them navigate the slippery slopes that come with winter weather conditions. As Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep said on Monday, this isn't the first time the postal company has tried to expand the type of services they offer. Last April, postal workers were also available to mow lawns. This winter initiative does have some benefits though. After all, there are times when we all need some buddy to lean on.

What A Knight

Or maybe we should say "What a night!" Without a doubt that's the sentiment after a royal party took a bloody turn. Britain's Princess Beatrice threw a party and pop stars Ed Sheeran and James Blunt attended. Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep said on Tuesday that Blunt jokingly asked if he could be knighted and the princess agreed to touch him on the shoulder with a sword. As she was getting ready to tap Blunt on the shoulder she reached back and accidentally slashed Sheeran's face. Guests at the party told The Sun the cut wasn't bad and that Sheeran was gracious on his way to the hospital.

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

And as it turns out there's no such thing as free concert tickets. One Canadian border guard found that out the hard way. The guard accepted free concert tickets from Elton John after the singer gave the guard tickets as a thank you for helping Sir John get through customs in Alberta. As Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep said on Wednesday, there was just one problem, because the guard holds a government job he is not supposed to make a personal profit. The guard did accept the tickets and then was suspended from his post. Before accepting the tickets, he asked his supervisors if he could and they both told him no. So, his defense isn't looking strong.

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