Nov. 26: Hari Kondabolu, Disjecta's Director Ousted, Roger Hobbs RIP, Julie Keefe & More

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What a week! Disjecta's founder gets shown the door, we remember the precocious writer Roger Hobbs, Hari Kondabolu returns to Portland to put some funny back in politics, and we hear about the importance of play, even as an adult. Upheaval at Disjecta - 1:10 Disjecta Contemporary Arts Center is losing its founding executive director at the end of this year, and it’s not a happy split. The organization’s board took the unusual step of asking founding director Bryan Suereth to leave in what it calls a "leadership transition." Thing is, there's no new leadership named, leaving the nonprofit's future in flux. Portland Through Decades of Skanner Photography - 4:55 Few Portland artists can claim deeper ties to the city than Julie Keefe. She’s shot for everyone from the Oregonian to the New York Times, but she might be best known, at least in Northeast Portland, as the primary photographer for the Skanner newspaper, where she’s documented Portland’s African American community since 1991. A selection of photos drawn from the tens of thousands she's shot are on display at the Oregon Historical Society through Dec. 18. The Passing of Author Roger Hobbs - 14:33 We lost a great young voice this month. Roger Hobbs was the author of two books, including the New York Times bestseller “Ghostman,” a thriller about a shadowy thief under a 48-hour deadline to clean up after a heist gone wrong. Hobbs was well known for wearing suits to class and saying his research involved hanging out at seedy bars and buying drinks for criminals in exchange for stories. Hari Kondabolu Finds the Funny in Politics - 22:15 Comedian Hari Kondabolu is one of the sharpest wits around this election season, which maybe should come as no surprise — after all, he got his start in comedy from a very unlikely place: political activism. Onstage at comedy clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest, he discovered he could actually fuse the two, getting the audience warmed up to — and even laughing at — really hard subjects. The Mystical Paintings of John Simpkins - 29:23 In a ghost town in Oregon’s Alvord Desert, John Simpkins spends his days in solitude, making huge, soulful paintings in one of the most remote places in the West. opbmusic Session with Genders - 35:15 Portland band Genders is a story of rebirth. It started as the looser side project to another band in town, Youth. But band members pulled the plug on Youth in 2012, and have been going strong as Genders since. They stopped by the OPB studio to play songs from their newest EP, "Phone Home." The Architecture Firm that's Transforming Portland's Waterfront - 39:42 Good news and bad in the global architecture firm Snohetta's quest to transform Portland's waterfront. First, the bad: the James Beard Market got booted from its home at the base of the Morrison Bridge, meaning it's once again homeless. But in good news, the partners behind the Willamette Falls Riverwalk at the old Blue Heron Mill in Oregon City have raised $19 or $25 million for the first phase, and Snohetta is deep in the design process with the public, which includes, well, games. Our columnist in residence, Randy Gragg, stopped by to tell us how it's working, plus to let us know Snohetta has signed on for a third project: to design plans for OMSI's 16 acres of riverfront property in the central eastside. It Ain't All Swings and Teeter-Totters — The Next Generation of Playground Design - 45:19 Play is such an essential part of childhood, but it can be an even more lasting experience, when a little thought goes into the places we play. Design Museum Portland has an exhibition on view called "Extraordinary Playscapes" through Dec. 17 at the Pacific Northwest College of Art that examines the current thinking in play design and the importance of play in our lives.