A Note of Thanks from Jonathan Schwartz

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A week ago today I was the recipient of a remarkable and profoundly moving afternoon of world class music, music that I've devoted much of my life extolling on the radio.

John Pizzarelli is an unstoppable showman. Jessica Molaskey is a singer, musician, actor, dancer, producer, gardener, designer, chef, mother, and an honorable and hilarious friend to me, to dozens of women, and everyone in the world named Kevin. It was Jessica who made the show flow, as everyone connected with it will confirm. My dearest Tierney Sutton sang beautifully, and looked over me, a guy not feeling absolutely great. Cyrille Aimee holds a large chunk of the future. She is nomadic, disciplined, and simply stated, a musician on the highest level. Her international reputation is shockingly intense. Tony De Sare is that marvelous double-edged sword: pianist and singer, born, so it seems, that way.

The Harvey space is funky and comfortable in the hands of funky and comfortable folks, professional through and through. Obviously I'm grateful to them. If they ever wish to have me return with my cast, they must phone, only a day before.