Not My Job: We Ask Stephen Colbert 3 Questions Meant For Lena Dunham

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This is not a photo of Stephen Colbert answering the questions we planned to ask Lena Dunham, but rather, testifying before the House Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security and International Law subcommittee in September 2010. His face kind of looked the same, though.

We planned to have Lena Dunham, creator and star of HBO's Girls, as our Not My Job guest this week, but a snowstorm kept her from joining us at the last minute, so we quickly had to find someone without Thursday evening plans.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert very graciously jumped in to play our game, but we didn't have time to write new questions for him, so we'll just ask him all the questions we planned to ask Dunham.

He'll take a quiz called "Let's hug it out, bro!" Three questions about the male-bonding show Entourage for the creator of Girls ... no wait ... for comedian Stephen Colbert ... whatever. Click the audio link above to see how he does.

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