Not All Apples Keep the Doctor Away

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Farmers spray pesticide over peas on a farm during sunset in Naypyitaw, Myanmar, on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 2016.

Journalist Sharon Lerner, who covers health and the environment at the Intercept and is a reporter for The Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute, joins us to discuss her recent article for The Investigative fund, “Poison Fruit,” written in partnership with The Intercept. In November, the EPA issued a report with definitive evidence that exposure to a Dow pesticide, chlorpyrifos, is linked with dire problems for children: developmental disorders, intelligence deficits, and autism. The chemical is used on more than half of all apples and broccoli in the United States. Lerner also investigates Myron Ebell, who has received money from Dow and serve on Trump's transition team overseeing staffing for the EPA.