Yankees' Fans Take Nostalgia Train to Opening Day

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Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees hits a double against the Baltimore Orioles in the fifth inning during their game on April 7, 2014 at Yankee Stadium

The MTA ran a special "nostalgia" train from Grand Central Station direct to Yankee Stadium for opening day. Lucky fans on the Uptown 4 platform caught the "low voltage" train just before noon. The "Lo-V" trains provided service to passengers on the MTA for over 50 years before being retired in 1969.

A fan poses inside the nostalgia train on the platform at Yankee Stadium (Thalia Beaty). 

Yankees fans exit the "Lo-V" train, which was built in 1917 (Thalia Beaty).

Darlene Elkanick of Bay Ridge jumped on the nostalgia train in a silk, velvet jacket from the 1880s (Thalia Beaty). 

Fans line up outside Yankee stadium before the start of the first game of the 2014 season (Thalia Beaty).