Non-Classical Music (Special Podcast)

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For this New Sounds, listen to some non-classical music from classically-trained musicians, including an acoustic music quartet that is neither classical nor jazz - The 442s, comprised of members of the St. Louis Symphony, and jazz musicians. There’s also new music from Shara Worden, who records as My Brightest Diamond, from her brand-new EP, "None More Than You" scored for vocals, brass and percussion – something that can be performed with say – a marching band! Then, hear music by Andrew McKenna Lee with members of the Knells, some very cinematic work by the French-born London-based Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, and more music from the L.A.-based collective, wild Up. Plus, something from electronic musician/ sound designer/ producer/ programmer Michael Hammond, aka No Lands, as well as a tune from cellist Erik Friedlander. And more.

PROGRAM #3619  Non-classical Music from Classically-Trained Musicians (First aired on 7/17/2014)  





The 442s

The 442s

The Multitude, excerpt [1:00]

My Brightest Diamond

None More Than You EP

Dreams Don't Look Alike

Asthmatic Kitty AKR 343

Wild Up

Feather & Stone

Archie Carey: Bird of Paradise in Paradise [6:09]

Populist Records

Ebe Oke


The Seed Splits [8:04]

Members of The Knells

Live from Robert Miller Gallery, May 2 2014

Andrew McKenna Lee: Thread and Fray [8:00]

This performance not commercially available. “Thread” and “Fray” both appear on The Knells & Mivos Quartet record, out on New Amsterdam Records , #51

No Lands

Negative Space

Pretender [4:18]

New Amsterdam #57
Due out July 29, 2014

Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

FatCat Records demo

Tulsi [3:45]

Download from

The 442s

The 442s

The Multitude [4:52]

Erik Friedlander & The Bonebridge Band


Hopper’s Blue House

Skipstone Records
Available at OR