No One Outside the NSA Seems Particularly Happy with the 60 Minutes NSA Story

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Last night, 60 Minutes aired a piece on the NSA that many reporters found overly credulous.


The piece doesn't include any on camera interviews with critics of the NSA, and interviews with NSA employees were overseen by a team of minders. 

There have also been conflict-of-interest questions. The reporter of the piece, John Miller, previously worked in the office of the Director of National Intelligence. Miller disclosed that in the top of the segment, but some some reporters are angry today after reading fresh rumors that Miller plans to leave CBS for a job in law enforcement.

The piece also includes a good deal of NSA mud-slinging at Edward Snowden the person. We're reminded that he's a drop-out who cheated on his NSA entrance exam test, and told he wouldn't let his girlfriend look at his computer while he worked from home. 

Over at Forbes, Andy Greenberg has a sort of counter-profile of Snowden. Greenberg talks to a coworker from the NSA who describes Snowden as smart and principled. Also: a fan of Rubik's Cubes.