NJ Governor Busts a Move on The Tonight Show

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie danced, cracked jokes and traded good-natured insults with Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on The Tonight Show Thursday night.

In honor of Father's Day, Christie and Fallon started off the show in khaki pants and tucked-in polo shirts to perform a skit on all the embarrassing ways that dads dance.

Fallon also apologized to the governor for being hard on him, and praised the way Christie has handled the fallout from the scandal over the lane closings at the George Washington Bridge.

"I know it's politics," Fallon said, leaning in, "but also you have a family and all thisĀ  stuff."

Christie interrupted, "Yeah they're here tonight." Then he laughed. "Believe me that wasn't nearly as bad as them watching me dance out there with you. I guarantee you that. They are so much more humiliated by that because I actually did that."

It was the governor's first late-night talk show appearance since the scandal broke six months ago.