Nikki Lane, Champion of Outlaw Country

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Nashville-based singer Nikki Lane

Nashville singer and guitarist Nikki Lane conjures classic country grit and twang. Rolling Stone refers to her as ‘the outlaw country princess’ but rock fans will find a lot to like in her music too, in that her vintage country-pop looks towards the blues, whisky, and being on the road, rather than auto-tuned heavily-produced stuff of the Nashville machine. The new record, "Highway Queen," builds on the success of her last LP, 2014’s All or Nothin’, (produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys), touches on monster trucks, last-call blues, Vegas benders, and sometimes being a lonesome romantic. 

Nikki Lane and her band are here today and they’ll play music from the forthcoming record, due out in February. For now, here's "Jackpot," the afore-mentioned Vegas homage: