Why an Investigation into Perjury & Evidence Tampering in Brooklyn's 67th Precinct Led Nowhere

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Former NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, left, and former Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson speak to reporters during a news conference at police headquarters, 4/2014.

Nick Pinto, a senior writer for The Village Voice, discusses his cover story in this week's issue titled, "The Incredibles: Judges Said These Cops Can't Be Trusted, So Why Does the D.A. Rely on Them?" He investigated allegations that began over two years ago which indicated a pattern of perjury and evidence tampering among a small group of police officers in Brooklyn 67th Precinct. Former Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson and the NYPD announced they were both launching investigations into four police officers who collaborated on many of the problematic cases. When a public defender for Legal Aid pursued the results of the investigation this spring, she was told that the D.A. had concluded its investigation having found no misconduct. Nearly two years later, The Village Voice learned that both organizations quietly concluded their investigations months ago.