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We're newsletter superfans. Like, can't-get-enough-should-probably-stop-subscribing-but-is-there-such-thing-as-too-many-newsletters(?) superfans. Between our inboxes and yours, we've compiled a pretty comprehensive list of email lists that can, we hope, bring joy to our lives. Please keep sending suggestions!

About the Internet and the Digesting Thereof

  • Links I Would GChat You If We Were Friends (weekdays): Caitlin Dewey picks stories and memes with ramifications on broader culture. Occasional animal pics. 
  • Next Draft (weekdays): Ten stories of the day chosen from 75 different websites. In editor Dave Pell's words: "I am the algorithm." 
  • Today in Tabs (weekdays): Rusty Foster gives you the news, the Twitter-snark, and the other news/gossip/etc. you want to know about but don't necessarily want to spend time on yourself.
  • This. (daily): The email version of the social network that allows members to only submit one link per day. Recent guest editors have included Ann Friedman, Jenna Wortham, and Laura Olin.
  • MediaREDEF (your preference): Media analysis and interviews from Jason Hirschorn, who loves the golden age of television and stories about tech moguls.
  • Lorem Ipsum (daily-ish): Margot Boyer-Dry's newsletter keeps you in the know on the things that keep you cool. Music, Instagram trends, lingo.
  • What Happened Last Week (Mondays): Exactly what it sounds like. (h/t Tom Unterkircher, who is a wealth of newsletter knowledge)
  • The Sunday Long Read (Sunday mornings): Two sports writers pick one long read (not usually about sports, but sometimes) and, yes, send it out on Sunday.
About the World Beyond the Internet
  • Quartz Daily Brief (daily): If you are an international business tycoon on your way to a mindfulness conference. Or if you just want to feel like one.
  • The Skimm (weekdays): A tl;dr for the day, at the beginning of the day. For people who like Taylor Swift references and birthday wishes sprinkled into their UN updates.
  • Vox Sentences (weekdays): A tl;dr for the day, at the end of the day. For people who like to have their big stories broken down into bullet points. 
  • On the Media (Thursdays): A tl;dr for the week, through the lens of truth and First Amendment rights.
  • Pulitzer Center (weekly): Stories and striking photos from reporters in the midst of global crises.
  • The Marshall Project (daily or weekly):  Beloved by the criminal justice-minded among us. "Opening Statement" goes out Monday through Friday and "Closing Argument" goes out Saturdays.
  • SRSLY (daily) ProPublica's David Epstein distills investigative reporting into a three-minute, digestible read. 
  • STAT Morning Rounds (daily) An early-morning debrief to get ahead on the day's news regarding science and medicine. 

About Technology and the Future

  • Real Future (sporadic weekdays): Stories that will make you rethink just about everything, from privacy to video games to the way your nose works, as curated by Fusion's Editor-in-chief Alexis Madrigal. 
  • Other Valleys (sporadic): Tech news from Other places (<--with "other" used intentionally and semi-tongue-in-cheek), about innovations happening beyond the US, UK, or EU. Written by Anjali Ramachandran.
  • Next City (daily): For people who not only hate their commute, but want to fix it with urban planning and inventive cities.
  • 6 by Charlie Loyd (weekends): To quote: "Recurring themes include psychogeography, space shuttles, food, and complaining."
  • Metafoundry by Deb Chachra (sporadic): To quote: "Ingredients include: technology, systems, design, language, social justice, and geography. Less than 0.1% cats by volume."
  • Data & Society (weekly): Updates, announcements and other dispatches from the culture/tech research institute.

About Gender and Other Things Too

  • Ann Friedman Weekly (Fridays): The woman behind the world's truest pie charts tells us what she's been reading and writing over the course of her week.
  • #AwesomeWomen (Sunday nights): Editor, writer, and technologist Stacy-Marie Ishmael makes excellent recommendations for  people, articles, films, and other nouns that will get you excited.
  • Lenny Letter (twice weekly): Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, and an editorial team put together articles, interviews, stories, fiction, photos, and personal writings of all kinds. Think deep dives into health issues like endometriosis and long riffs about why women wear certain Halloween costumes. 
  • Mater Mea (weekly): Beautiful profiles of mothers who also happen to have careers. Mothers of color especially.
  • Two Bossy Dames (weekly): "Cultural recommendations & commentary every Friday evening. GIFs aplenty."

About Meaning, Defined Broadly

  • Brain Pickings (Sundays): Gems from deep thinkers across the ages – writers, artists, scientists, inventors – chosen by intellectual omnivore Maria Popova.
  • Public Domain Review (biweekly): If you love looking at the old things available to the public on the Internet. A project of the Open Knowledge Foundation.
  • On Being (Sundays): Like a weekly check-in for your spirit with Krista Tippett and Trent Gilliss.
  • Pep Talk! (daily): Exactly what it sounds like, every day.
  • Daily Meditations (daily): Listener Eric Peltz likes this "bit of contemplation" from the Center for Action and Contemplation, "grounded in the Christian mythical tradition."

About Your Friends (Who You Might Not Actually Know)

  • Mel's Sandbox (sporadic): Melody Joy Kramer will often ask her audience a question (i.e. "how do you avoid burnout") and send the answers back out to the list ("here is how you avoid burnout").
  • Everything Changes (sporadic): Sometimes there are emoji talking to one another, sometimes there are massive crowd-sourced conversations about the decision to have children, sometimes it's a Choose Your Own Adventure based on images from Wikipedia. It's always a surprise from writer and digital strategist Laura Olin in partnership with The Awl.
  • Now I Know (daily): Dan Lewis – whose day job involves Elmo and Cookie Monster – drops pieces of knowledge like "Carrots used to be purple" and "a man once successfully flew away on his lawnchair –almost." 
  • Letters from s_m_i (sporadic): From Stacy-Marie Ishmael, "The Galavant Times will provide semi-regular commentary, links, interestingness and less-regular guest posts by characters from around the world."

About Other Things

  • Well + Good (your preference): If kale could be a newsletter, it would be this one.
  • Cum Shots (weekly-ish; not currently accepting new subscribers): From your "friend" with benefits. It's a beautiful, almost poetic letter about sex. But also about more than sex. Don't forward to your grandmother.
  • The Lux Letter (weekly): Writer and comedian Lux Alptraum emails you sex news.
  • NerdFitness (your preference): Listener Cory Steeley says he actually clicks on this fitness newsletter when it shows up in his inbox.
  • Fluxblog (weekly): The Internet's oldest .mp3 blog (according to writer and founder Matthew Perpetua) will send you write-ups of songs, artists, and performances – plus the audio.
  • The Ringer (sporadic): The new Bill Simmons venture is a full-blown sports and pop culture media enterprise that launched newsletter-first.
  • TipOff (biweekly) A newsletter about sports for people who don't know much about sports. Sports.
  • Netflixable (weekly): Stay up to date on which shows and movies are coming to Netflix each month — in the U.S. and around the world. 
  • Charlotte Tilbury (sporadic): Part lifestyle, part beauty, part how-to for women who care about those things.

About Words

  • Hello Prompt (daily, sort of: Get a writing prompt emailed to you. Respond within twelve hours, see submissions published anonymously. (amazing h/t from Edlyn Yuen)
  • A Word a Day (daily): Listener Daniel Ford hopes you already subscribe to this one, which is also exactly what it sounds like. 

About Podcasts

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