New Yorkers on Baseball's New Instant Replay: Meh

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Starting this spring, for the first time, Major League Baseball will incorporate limited use of instant replays in game calls. Managers who kibitz that umpires make incorrect calls can request at least one play per game be reviewed via instant replay.

Liam O'Connor of Brooklyn said he supports incorporating more technology into the game. “A lot of money is involved, big decisions. Do it right," he said. "The game is slow enough as it is, so it’s not like it's going to take any more time."

If a team’s manager is correct about a challenged call he gets to make another. If not, he can’t ask for another review for the rest of the game.

Baseball purist Angel Sanchez of the Bronx said the newly-approved changes are disappointing. "I'm a fan of the original game, America's pastime," he said. "Of course, something like that you'd rather see untouched."

“If one play is going to make the difference for your team, why not use technology?” asked Yankees fan Caroline Capell on Thursday. She said she doesn’t think reviewing some calls will violate the integrity of the game.

The so-called "neighborhood play" at second base on double plays cannot be challenged. Neither can ball and strike calls, check swings and foul tips.

The new rule allows ballparks to show fans the same replays on stadium video screens but only plays under review can be shown on the screen in slow motion.