New York Programmer Teaches A Homeless Man To Code

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Last month, Twenty-three year old programmer Patrick McConlogue came up with a pretty audacious plan. He'd offer a homeless person a choice: A) 100 dollars, or B) a cheap laptop, some programming books, and free coding lessons from McConlogue. McConologue's naive-sounding tone rubbed people the wrong way. Snarky things were written. But today, McConlogue told Business Insider that a few weeks in, the plan's going along pretty well. Leo, the homeless man he's working with, chose the lessons over the money, and he says he's learned a lot. Business Insider's video profile after the jump. 

Is it OK to just like this? McConlogue isn't claiming he's found a cure-all for poverty. He isn't exploiting anyone in a way I can discern (unlike, say the tech firm that hired homeless people to be roving wi-fi hotspots). He seems like someone who is trying to genuinely do a small good thing. What do you guys think?