The New York Police Department Is Having A Rough Day on Twitter

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This afternoon, whoever runs social media for the New York Police Department asked people to tweet out photos of themselves with police officers.


Maybe you can guess what happened next.

Many people who have their photo taken with police officers do so in a less friendly context. They’re being arrested, or perhaps violently restrained. So users have begun tweeting out those photos. The hashtag suggested by the NYPD, #myNYPD, is trending nationally.

This is most of what I like about Twitter. Moreso than Facebook, it’s a place where there’s still the potential, in any interaction, for the crowd to take over the podium. Every day, people in New York have a perfectly friendly interactions with cops. Every day, people in New York have terrible interactions with cops. It's nice to think that whoever runs the NYPD's digital presence will spend the day thinking about both.