New Year. Same Old You.

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New year, new you. That’s the idea, right? And 2016 in particular left a lot of people extra-eager to start fresh.

One problem. Our fitbits and apps and tracking tools all collect data on us. The slate isn’t clean - it’s full of digital permanent marker.

In an ideal world, all that information helps us become better people. More fit, healthier, rested, hydrated. And for some people, those stats are the motivational key to a better life. But what happens when the data just sabotages you? For some of us, data just isn’t the magic bullet for optimizing our quantified selves.

So instead of resolving to track every calorie, minute slept, and stair climbed, how about this: be gentle with yourself. This repeat episode can help.

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Music Playlist

  1. Funk

    Artist: Podington Bear
  2. Legend Instrumental

    Artist: Erick Anderson
    Label: BWN Music
  3. Fuck Yeh, Capitalism!

    Artist: Nihilore
  4. Tanga

    Artist: Simon Mathewson
  5. Still Life

    Artist: Kenneth J Brahmstedt
    Label: BWN Music
  6. Liquid Nitrogen

    Artist: Psychadelik Pedestrian
  7. Liberosis (Instrumental)

    Artist: Nihilore
  8. Hedonic State

    Artist: Mike B. Fort
  9. Aint He Sweet

    Artist: Annette Hanshaw
    Label: Public Domain
  10. Pageantry (Space)

    Artist: Schulyer Petersen
    Label: BMI
  11. My Days Instrumental

    Artist: Mark Russell Mcgee
    Label: BMI
  12. Barely Baked No Mark

    Artist: VYVCH