#3664: New Sounds Live: Tubular Bells

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From the New Sounds Live Concerts, hear a new arrangement of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells by guitarist and singer Grey Mcmurray, with the Wordless Music Orchestra, as recorded this past October, at Brookfield Place. Oldfield's 1973 proggy, ambitious, almost symphonic set of variations on a theme is perhaps best known for its inclusion in the soundtrack to The Exorcist, which became a global hit for the then just-launched Virgin Records. Mcmurray’s world premiere arrangement of "Tubular Bells" uses an unreleased ending to the piece (narrated by our own host, John Schaefer, impersonating a drunk Vivian Stanshall) and supplements the original orchestration with electric violin and cello.

Founded in 2006, the WMO is the house band of New York City’s Wordless Music series and is comprised of some of New York's most omnivorous young musicians and members of groups such as Alarm Will Sound, ACME, So Percussion, Ensemble Signal, and the JACK Quartet. Mcmurray is a member of the ambient duo itsnotyouitsme and a regular collaborator with Alarm Will Sound and So Percussion as well as with the Wordless Music Orchestra.


PROGRAM #3664 New Sounds Live (First aired on 11/20/2014)  





Wordless Music Orchestra, ft Grey McMurray, guitar & John Schaefer, narrator

New Sounds Live @ Brookfield Place, 10/16/14

Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells, arr. Grey Mcmurray [57:00]

This performance not commercially available, but the entire concert is available for streaming here: Q2 Music