#3658: New Sounds Live: Julia Wolfe's 'Steel Hammer' at Brookfield Place

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If you missed the New Sounds Live concert of Julia Wolfe's "Steel Hammer," hear it tonight. Recorded live from October 14, 2014 at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, the Bang On A Can All-Stars and vocalists Emily Eagan, Katie Geissinger, and Molly Quinn take on Wolfe's piece based on the legend of John Henry and the many contradictory versions of his tale. Wolfe based her text on over 200 versions of the John Henry ballad. The score calls for wooden bones, mountain dulcimer, jaw harp, harmonica, and banjo which are essential to the Appalachian and folk sound of the work.

PROGRAM #3658 New Sounds Live: Julia Wolfe’s ‘Steel Hammer’ at Brookfield Place (First aired on 11/6/2014)  





Bang On A Can All-Stars with Katie Geissinger, Emily Eagan, and Molly Quinn

New Sounds Live, Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, 10/14/2014

Julia Wolfe: Steel Hammer, excerpts.

This live performance is not available for purchase. Commercial recording from Cantaloupe Music (CA 21099) available for purchase at bangonacan.org