#3643: New Releases, September 2014

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It's the most wonderful time of the month - the showcasing of new releases! On this New Sounds program, listen to the music that won this year’s Pulitzer Prize: “Become Ocean” by John Luther Adams. We'll only have time for an excerpt from the work, but will feature it in full this coming Friday, October 3.  Also, hear music from a special commemorative release issued by the Metropolitan Museum for an exhibit, "The Sacred Lute," about the Iranian musician and mystic Ostad Elahi.

There’s new music from Brooklyn Rider, from their terrific new album, “Almanac” of commissions, each inspired by a different artist. (Read John Schaefer’s review here.) Hear their playful “Ping Pong Fumble Thaw” by drummer/composer Glenn Kotche. Then, hear new music by John Zorn from the Gnostic Trio, which consists of guitarist Bill Frisell, harpist Carol Emanuel, and Kenny Wollesen on vibraphone. Plus, listen to a blend of South Indian classical music & jazz from the Indian-American violinist Arun Ramamurthy and his trio, along with party music from the five-piece Boston-based Cocek! Brass Band.


PROGRAM #3643, New Releases, September 2014 (First aired on 9/30/2014)  





John Luther Adams

Become Ocean

opening, excerpt [1:30]

Cantaloupe Music CA21101

The Gnostic Trio (Bill Frisell, Carol Emanuel, Kenny Wollesen)

John Zorn :  The Testament Of Solomon

Zorn: Holat Ahavah [4:25]

Tzadik 8321

Toure Raichel Collective

The Paris Session

Hodu [3:27]

Cumbancha CMB-CD-32

Medeski Scofield Martin & Wood


Scofield: I Know You [8:03]

Indirecto Records IR16

Ostad Elahi

The Sacred Lute: The Art of Ostad Elahi

Jelo Shahi Suite [7:32]

Le Chant du Monde / Metropolitan Museum 8742259
Due out October 14, 2014

Arun Ramamurthy Trio

Jazz Carnatica

Muthuswami Dikshitar : Maha G [7:21]

Due out October 28, 2014

Brooklyn Rider


Glenn Kotche: Ping Pong Fumble Thaw [6:09]

Mercury Classics / In A Circle Records #002159302
mercuryclassics.com Available at iTunes, Amazon.com, Emusic.com

John Luther Adams | Seattle Symphony| Ludovic Morlot

John Luther Adams: Become Ocean

Opening, excerpt [4:28]

Cantaloupe Music CA21101

Cocek! Brass Band

Here Comes Schlomo

Magic Man and His Magic Hat and His Magic Vest, excerpt [2:34]

Available Oct 02, 2014