New Releases, June 2013 (Special Podcast)

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Dawn of Midi. L-R: Qasim Naqvi, Amino Belyamani, Aakaash Israni

John Schaefer sorts through the stacks of new CDs, the Soundcloud files, and other digital submissions which have come across his desk and into his inbox to present some of the finest new releases for the month of June 2013.  Hear music from Dawn of Midi, who make groove music that sounds as though it is electronica, but it's made acoustically.  Then, listen to the Mobius Trio, who make new guitar ensemble music, along with multi-layered 6-string magic from Ben Brody.

Also, hear the bayan, an accordion-like instrument, as it is used in the Bester Quartet. Plus, music from Philippe Petit which may or may not involve electric cymbalum, triple caterpillar drum guitar, and/or electric psalterion. And more. 

Special thanks to our New Sounds Summer Intern, Ross Harriss, for helping to make this podcast possible.

PROGRAM # 3483, New Releases, June 2013   (First aired on 6/28/2013)                                 





Mobius Trio

Last Light

Making Good Choices 3 (Brendon Randall-Myers) – Pt 1: Running with Scissors, excerpt [1:30]

Clint Allen/Martin Fondse/Zapp 4


Impulse [6:48]

Clint Allen Music

Bester Quartet

The Golden Land

Dos Lidl Fun Goldenem Land [5:59]

Tzadik TZ 8178

Julia Hülsmann Quartett

In Full View

Feist: The Water [4:23]

ECM 2306

Dawn of Midi


Atlas [6:38]

Thirsty Ear  THI 57206.2

Mobius Trio

Last Light

Making Good Choices 3 (Brendon Randall-Myers) – Pt 1: Running with Scissors [5:23]

Ben Brody

Flow State

Mirrors and Beyond, part 1

Philippe Petit

Extraordinary Tales of a Lemon Girl, Chapter 3 - Hitch-Hiking Through Bronze Mirrors

4, excerpt [1:00]

Aagoo 052

Les Rhinoceros


Seepy Seepy [6:45]

Tzadik TZ 7808

Philippe Petit

Hitch-Hiking Through Bronze Mirrors

4 [3:02]
2, excerpt [:30]

Aagoo 052