New Releases, February 2014


It's the end of the month, which brings another bunch of new releases to New Sounds.  Listen for new music from Moroccan-born Brooklyn-based musician, player of the sintir (bass lute), and "Godfather of Gnawa" Hassan Hakmoun, from his forthcoming record, “Unity.”  Then, from Mali, hear mostly acoustic music from Habib Koite, followed by traditional music from Bulgaria, arranged and played by mandolin virtuoso Avi Avital, from Israel.

Plus, riveting music for electric violin and looping pedals by Tracy Silverman – from his terrific new record “Between the Kiss and the Chaos,” and music by Sarah Neufeld (also known as the violinist from Arcade Fire.)  That, and more.


PROGRAM #3571 New Releases February 2014 (First aired on 2/28/2014)  





Hassan Hakmoun


Boudarbalayi (Saint) [6:52]

Real World Records
Due out April 12, 2014

Habib Koite


Téréré [4:42]

Contre-Jour CJ030

Avi Avital

Between Worlds

Trad Bulgarian: Bucimis [3:00]

Deutsche Grammophon B0019758

Mike Marshall & Turtle Island Quartet

Mike Marshall & Turtle Island Qt

Egypt [7:36]

Adventure Music AMA 1083

Christopher Tignor

thunder lay down in the heart

The Listening Machines [10:48]

Western Vinyl 113 Or
Due out March 18, 2014

Sarah Neufeld

Black Ground E.P.

Breathing Black Ground (Orchestral Version) [6:26]

Tracy Silverman  

Between the Kiss and the Chaos

Sacred Geometry

Delos DE 3439