New & Old Electronic Music


Listen to electronic music both old and new from the now Hawaii-based K. Leimer.  There’s austere & flowing space music from a recent release called "Permissions,” along with music combining the sounds of world music traditions with electronics from his 1980’s film soundtrack to “The Land of Look Behind," a film about Jamaica and Bob Marley.

Also, listen to electronic music blended together with jazz and new music in a work from Michael William Gilbert, called “In the Dreamtime.” Plus, there’s music from K. Leimer’s labelmate, Marc Barreca, from his recent, “Tremble,” that orbits through aural space with massive shifts that revolve and build slowly, all interspersed with glitchy interference as though being deflected by some kind of force field.  That, and more.

PROGRAM #        3375, New & Old Electronic Music  (First aired on 9/7/2012)                                                       





Various: Marc Barreca

The Aerial #3

Messier Crosses the Blue Line, excerpt [1:00]

?What Next? / Aerial - #1991/3

Marc Barreca


Suling [6:18]

Palace of Lights 05 | 2012

Laurie Spiegel

The Expanding Universe

East River Dawn [14:17]

Unseen Worlds UW 09

Valgeir Sigurdsson

Architecture of Loss

Between Monuments [5:11]

Bedroom Community HVALUR 13CD

Michael William Gilbert

in the Dreamtime

Village/Evening News [7:02]

Gibex 634479792274

K. Leimer

The Land of Look Behind

The Cockpit [6:33]

Palace of Lights
Sold out.

K. Leimer


Permissions 10 [7:37]

Palace of Lights 04 | 2012