G-W-Bridge Lane Closures Investigation Widens

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Both the Senate and the Assembly are creating two investigative committees that will focus solely on the George Washington Bridge scandal.

 "This investigation which started out as an inquiry into the operation and finances of the Port Authority has grown into a larger investigation that has led us, by following emails, into the governor's office," said Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who chairs the transportation committee and will chair the new Assembly committee looking into the lane closures. 

With its subpoena powers, Wisniewski's committee made public some 900 documents detailing the closure of the local lanes to the George Washington Bridge, which turned the town of Fort Lee into a parking lot for four days in September. The documents indicate the closures were aimed at punishing the mayor of Fort Lee.

The Senate committee will be headed by Sen. Loretta Weinberg, who represents the district that includes Fort Lee.

The New Jersey legislature is expected to vote on giving both committees subpoena power. That’s what enabled the transportation committee to locate emails detailing the involvement of Gov. Christie's staff in the politically motivated lane closures.