New Music from Mali

Mamadou Kelly and Alpha Sankare

This New Sounds program presents music from Mali, but focuses on recordings from 2012 (mostly), the year when the country was split by civil war & the Islamist takeover of the north; and the subsequent intervention by the French army and neighboring countries.  Despite this period of violence, and the ban on music due to strict interpretation of Sharia law in the northern part of the country, there has been a whole bunch of incredible music, both imbued with defiance, and straight pleas for peace, making its way out of Mali. Hear new music from Rokia Traoré, who has temporarily relocated to Paris for the safety of her young son, during the Malian conflict.  Also, listen to a prayer for peace from guitarist /singer/songwriter Sidi Touré (who is appearing this Saturday, 10/5 at BAM Cafe).

Then hear the duo Amadou & Mariam together with members of TV on the Radio.  It’s one of a few Malian-Brooklyn collaborations, including music from the “Nightingale of North Mali,” Khaira Arby, together with the Brooklyn group Sway Machinery.  Also, hear a gripping and impressive new record from Tamikrest, "Chatma," meaning "sisters," which is an homage to the courage of the Tuareg women.  Their music, while rooted in desert blues, is also injected with psychedelia, funk, dub, and art-rock.  Plus, listen to stunning blues from the Niger River Delta, from virtuoso guitarist Mamadou Kelly, who worked with the late Ali Farka Touré. And more.

PROGRAM #3517– Music from Mali, mostly 2012 (First aired on 10/2/2013)             





Amadou & Mariam (with Tunde Adebimpe + Kyp Malone)


Wily Kataso, excerpt  [1:10]

Nonesuch 530403

Mamadou Kelly and Bankaina


Sehenon Men [3:56]

Clermont CLE007

Tartit with Imharhan

Live from the Sahara

Dima Dima [3:57]

Clermont CLE006



Toumast Anlet [5:12]

Glitterbeat 007

Amadou & Mariam (with Tunde Adebimpe + Kyp Malone)


Wily Kataso [4:24]

Nonesuch 530403

The Sway Machinery & Khaira Arby

The House of Friendly Ghosts

Serigou [4:33]

JDub Records 124

Khaira Arby

Timbukto Tarab

Djaba [5:23]

Clermont CLE 005

Sidi Touré


La Paix (peace) [7:39]

Thrill Jockey Records; Thrill 347

Rokia Traoré

Beautiful Africa

Ka moun kè [6:26]

Nonesuch 534863



Timtar [4:52]

See above.