New Music For Fiddles and Violins


For this New Sounds, listen to various forms of music for violin and fiddle, incorporating folk traditions from the world over – like those of Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and Scotland, to name a few. There’s music from the Scottish string trio, the Red Note Ensemble joined by tabla player Kuljit Bhamra, plus a tango for string quartet from Serbian composer Boris Kovac. Then, hear a tune from the five member Janusz Prusinowski Trio, playing traditional folk instruments of Poland, along with traditionally-rooted music from the 2010 Swedish nyckelharpa champion Emilia Amper.

On this edition, we're featuring various forms of music for old and new instruments in the international violin family. Hear works for the Norwegian hardanger fiddle and the Swedish nyckelharpa, traditional Hungarian and Polish fiddling, and unusual sounds from the Western violin and viola.

Norwegian composer Daniel Herskedal combines big band jazz, minimalism, and chamber music in his "Dagane." Hear Hungarian violinist/zither player Lajkó Félix, Balkan- Turkish- and Ukranian-rooted music from A Hawk and a Hacksaw, an instrumental from violinist/singer/guitarist/whistler Andrew Bird, and more.

PROGRAM #3550– music featuring fiddles and violins (First aired on 1/7/2014)  





Andrew Bird

Fingerlings 4

Make Hay, excerpt [1:10]


Daniel Herskedal


Cellulose [5:09]

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Lajkó Félix

Mező (Field)

Csárdás [3:49]

Fonó Budai Zeneház
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Janusz Prusinowski Trio

Knee-deep in Heaven / Po Kolana W Niebie

Mazurek Ciarkowskiego (Ciarkowski_s Mazurek) [2:39]
Mazurek na Piechote (Mazurek on Foot) [3:59]

Oriente Musik
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The Duchess Polska For Marit Fält [4:03]

Kuljit Bhamra & Red Note Ensemble

Reels to Ragas

Himalaya [3:52]

Keda Records KEDCD41
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Tajj Quartet

Boris Kovac - Chamber Music

The Last Balkan Tango

Long Arms / Ad Hoc Records

A Hawk and a Hacksaw 

You Have Already Gone To The Other World

You Have Already Gone To The Other World [3:17]

L.m. Dupli-cation LM 5 CD

Lajkó Félix

Mező (Field)

Szellő (Breeze) [2:58]

See above.

Kit Downes

Light From Old Stars

Jan Johansson, excerpt [:32]

SRCD 42-2

Andrew Bird

Fingerlings 4

Make Hay [4:18]

See above.

Emilia Amper


Kapad (Hijacked) [4:47]

BIS – 2013
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